At The Roundhill Academy we focus not just on the academic progress of students but also those experiences which help with personal development. We call these Enrichment Experiences. We believe that these experiences are so important to the development of young people that we have created an Enrichment Entitlement Statement  which commits us to making sure we offer a diverse range of 15 different experiences to all students over their time at Roundhill. We believe that by taking part in all 15 of these experiences, over the course of 5 years whilst at Roundhill, it will not just aid with the academic progression of students but will drastically enhance their personal development.

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Enrichment Entitlement Statement

  • Watch, or take part in, a live production of a play, musical or dramatic performance.
  • Visit a local place of worship.
  • Actively participate in a democratic process that affects decision making.
  • Undertake training to reinforce the principles of staying safe. (To include: going to and from school; at school; on-line; or in the wider world.)
  • Actively support a local cause or charity.
  • Visit a place of cultural or historical significance.
  • Undertake practical fieldwork in an outdoor setting or a location away from school.
  • Represent the school in a sporting capacity, either individually or as part of a team.
  • Become actively involved in the school community: mentoring younger students, developing the physical environment or representing the school through student voice.
  • Visit an Art Gallery or Museum.
  • Undertake training in a range of life skills, including study skills, careers guidance and financial management.
  • Watch a live, professional sporting performance / match.


These statements have been put together via consultation with staff, the Junior Leadership Team and the Roundhill Family Partnership.

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