Enrichment at Roundhill

At The Roundhill Academy we focus not just on the academic progress of students but also those experiences which help with personal development. We call these Enrichment Experiences. We believe that these experiences are so important to the development of young people that we have created an Enrichment Entitlement Statement  which commits us to making sure we offer a diverse range of experiences to all students over their time at Roundhill. We believe that by taking part in all of these experiences, over the course of 5 years whilst at Roundhill, it will not just aid with the academic progression of students but will drastically enhance their personal development.

Enrichment Entitlement Statement

  • Watch, or take part in, a live production of a play, musical or dramatic performance.
  • Visit a local place of worship.
  • Actively participate in a democratic process that affects decision making.
  • Undertake training to reinforce the principles of staying safe. (To include: going to and from school; at school; on-line; or in the wider world.)
  • Actively support a local cause or charity.
  • Visit a place of cultural or historical significance.
  • Undertake practical fieldwork in an outdoor setting or a location away from school.
  • Represent the school in a sporting capacity, either individually or as part of a team.
  • Become actively involved in the school community: mentoring younger students, developing the physical environment or representing the school through student voice.
  • Visit an Art Gallery or Museum.
  • Undertake training in a range of life skills, including study skills, careers guidance and financial management.
  • Watch a live, professional sporting performance / match.

These statements have been put together via consultation with staff, the Junior Leadership Team and the Roundhill Family Partnership.

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Enrichment Journey 

Year 9 
Wednesday 28th June 2023

Students attended the National Holocaust Centre, where they had the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the Holocaust tragic event. For example, they visited the Holocaust Exhibition to explore further about case studies, they had a tour of the Memorial Gardens, they engaged with the EDEK workshop which was led by one of the Senior Educators. Students made valuable contributions to the sessions.

The main aim of the visit was to understand the Holocaust and apply it to the violation of Human Rights as they have studied Himan Rights unit in their RE lessons. The Holocaust was a great cast study to identify how and what Human Rights were violated.

Students also had the opportunity to meet and interact with one of the Holocaust survivors, who gave a testimony about their experiences as a survivor.

Students found the survivor’s story powerful, and it was an eye-opener for them to hear first account of the Holocaust event.

We were proud and impressed with the way our students represented our school via their exceptional conduct, demonstrating empathy, and engagement during their visit at the Holocaust Centre.  

As a school we are always delighted to hear how wonderful our students are when they are involved in visiting places. For example, a lovely email received from the Holocaust Educator:

Dear Mr Marston,

Thank you for bringing your year 9s to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum yesterday. It was a real pleasure to work with them. They had clearly been well prepared in their history lessons for the visit and made effective use of their prior knowledge in the sessions. I was impressed with how willing the pupils were to contribute to the different activities throughout the day. They were a pleasure to take round the Museum and asked some insightful questions.

They were attentive in the Memorial Hall with the Survivor and Janine Webber was especially delighted with the question one your pupils asked at the end of the session. The question asked was sensitive and demonstrated their learning from the morning’s session.  The pupils were a credit to your school but most importantly to themselves.

Wellbeing day
Students in all Year groups took part in our Roundhill Run, Year 10 students all completed ‘Restart the Heart’ Training and Mr Gamble ran an incredible 15 miles who alongside Mrs Cooper were raising money for Loros https://ow.ly/vVwJ50OWBoO

Spirit Week 26th – 30th June 2023

Students enjoyed taking part in a range of activities as part of Pride month.
Our focus being, unity, creativity and individuality.

On Wednesday we invited students to come to school carrying their equipment in anything but their regular school bag! This gave students an opportunity to show their creativity and individuality! With everything from a hoover to a wheelbarrow our students took on the challenge and embraced their creativity! A parent commented on how enjoyable their travel to work was seeing all the different items being used!

On Thursday, Twinning was winning! We invited students to display their togetherness and unity by wearing matching outfits, showing their team colours whilst being as creative as possible. Students surpassed our expectations and fully embraced the day, with everything from matching colours to inflatable suits school became more vibrant than normal.

Friday saw ‘Show us your Rainbow’ with students invited to dress in rainbow / pride colours. School became a wash with bright colours, there was also a bake sale created by students with monies raised going towards The Trevor Project supporting young people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Our school community really came together over the week and the inclusivity, vibrance and creativity shone from our young people.

Anything but a bag day!

Twinning is winning! 

Show us your Rainbow

Miss Kaur (RE Teacher) had the pleasure of inviting a practicing Buddhist from Turning Wheel Buddhist Temple to visit Roundhill and deliver meditation workshops to a handful of students whom we thought would benefit in managing with their personal challenges on Tuesday 27th June 2023.

What is meditation?

There are many things in life that are beyond our control. However, it is possible to take responsibility for our own states of mind – and to change them for the better. According to Buddhism this is the most important thing we can do, and Buddhism teaches that it is the only real antidote to our own personal sorrows, and to the anxieties, fears, hatreds, and general confusions that beset the human condition.

Meditation is to practice calming and focusing the mind and reflecting deeply on specific teachings to penetrate their true meaning.

The 2 workshops lasted for 50 minutes and students were taught three simple meditation techniques which students could use anytime to help calm the mind. and beware of their presence.  As a result, they found the meditation workshops useful and beneficial.

Some comments expressed by our students:

“It was relaxing”.

“It was good because it helped me to relax in a quiet space”

” I found it enjoyable, and I was glad that I was able to attend the workshop”

The reason for introducing meditation students to is that in RE they do study Buddhism as a faith in Year 7, followed by applying Buddhist views to themed topics throughout Key Stage 3.