Personal Development

At The Roundhill Academy all students study Personal Development in Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4.  We intend to support the development of each student so they mature into responsible, thoughtful and caring young adults to take their place in local, national and international communities with confidence and an awareness of equality and diversity.

Topics covered in Personal Development are detailed below

Topic 1- Being me in my worldThis topic is looking at the unique differences between themselves and their peers. They will be focusing on their online safety, the consequences of their actions online and how legislation is being put in place to protect them by the government.
Topic 2- Celebrating differenceThis topic focuses on bullying and how to challenge negative behaviours and attitudes against other people.
Topic 3- Dreams and goalsThis topic celebrates success. They identify their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to overcome mistakes. They will also be looking at safe and unsafe choices that they may make surrounding gangs and drugs.
Topic 4- Healthy meThis topic looks at the effects of sleep, good nutrition and how our mental health is affected by our physical health.
Topic 5- RelationshipsThis topic focuses on relationships that the students may have including friendships. They will be looking at the characteristics of positive relationships, emotions within friendships, consent and sexting.
Topic 6 – Changing meThis topic looks at some topics that are very present in the news including breast ironing and FGM. They will discuss their self esteem and the link between the media and their own self image.
Topic 1- Being me in my worldThis topic involves learning the skill of active listening. This is required to be able to have proper discussion surrounding personal beliefs, self-identity and to encourage a respect for other people’s views.
Topic 2- Celebrating differenceThis topic hones in on how positive behaviours can affect positive feelings of wellbeing within someone. It also shines a light on the difference between prejudice and discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community.
Topic 3- Dreams and goalsThis topic focuses on financial issues such as budgeting, income variations, the positive and negative impact of money and gambling issues. This links well with careers as the students can see the earning power of some jobs and how different skills and qualifications can lead to better pay.
Topic 4- Healthy meThis topic looks at long term physical health including dental health. There is a focus on substance abuse and the legislation associated with it and how much various substances are exploited.
Topic 5- RelationshipsThis topic looks at how to manage a variety of relationships, the balance of power within relationships and how social media can influence the positive relationship with themselves.
Topic 6 – Changing meThis topic discusses the different types of intimate relationships, physical attraction, pornography and the legal status of some relationships.
Topic 1- Being me in my worldThis topic covers sensitive areas such as coercive control, radicalisation, county lines and sexual exploitation. We cover them in detail and discuss how people are persuaded to take part in such behaviours.
Topic 2- Celebrating differenceThis topic focuses on sexism, ageism, bullying in the work place, victimisation and the legal consequences of bullying and hate crime.
Topic 3- Dreams and goalsThis topic looks at the student’s personal strengths and helps them make SMART targets. The second half of the topic looks at media manipulation and how this impacts mental health which could ultimately lead to self-harm, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.
Topic 4- Healthy meThe topics main focus is the physical and psychological effects of alcohol, alcohol and the law and alcohol and dependency. This leads onto first aid, CPR and sources of advice and support.
Topic 5- RelationshipsRelationships in year 9 looks at assertiveness skills, contraception choices, family planning, STIs and sexual consent. This builds on the year 8 topic that looked at a variety of relationships.
Topic 6 – Changing meThis topic looks at resilience, triggers, mental health stigma, managing emotional changes and then allows the students to reflect on how their body and mind are changing at their age.
Topic 1- Being me in my worldThis topic is a huge step up from year 9. It focuses on bereavement, the affects of grief on an individual and the stages of loss. They also focus on their online identity and how to manage and assess risks.
Topic 2- Celebrating differenceThis section has a huge focus on equality. The main areas are equality in the workplace, in relationships and in society with a focus on vulnerable groups in particular.
Topic 3- Dreams and goalsThis topic looks at how physical health affects the students when they are attempting to reach their goals. They study how to maintain a work/life balance and how to form connections with the impact on their mental health.
Topic 4- Healthy meThis topic has a strong focus on disease. The students will study how to improve their sexual health, how antibiotics are being misused, how prescription drugs are misused and the common threats to their health including chronic illnesses.
Topic 5- RelationshipsThis topic looks at divorce, separation, the impact of family break downs on children and abuse in teenage relationships. This will then lead onto the legislation, support and advice linked to these areas.
Topic 6 – Changing meThis topic has a focus on sexuality, sexual identity, spectrum of sexuality, sexual identity and risk and stereotypes in romantic relationships. Year 10 allows them to have more of an understanding of their own sexuality and that of people around them.
Topic 1- Being me in my worldIn this topic, the students are focusing on the Equality Act 2010 and see the consequences of not adhering to it. This mainly looks at employers in regards to mental health and the employers responsibilities linked to different races and religions.
Topic 2- Dreams and goalsThis topic is linked to the college applications that the year 11s have to complete during this period of the academic year. They identify their skills, look at setting realistic goals and see how they can raise their aspirations in relation to their careers, finances, relationships and health.
Topic 3- Healthy meDue to the age group, this topic looks at self examination, contraception choices and pregnancy facts and myths. It also attempts to give the students some exam tips and advice on how to reduce stress related to exams.
Topic 4- RelationshipsThis topic is wide ranging and covers sensitive topics such as forced marriage, hate crime, FGM and other abuses, sexual experimentation and stages of intimate relationships.

Full details of our curriculum and our policies with regards our CEIAG  (Careers Education Information and Guidance) and SRE (Sex and relationships Education)  provision is available on our website.

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