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There are many ways you can contact us:

Phone: 0116 269 3896

or by post:

The Roundhill Academy
997 Melton Rd

Reception Opening Times:

During Term Time
Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 4:00pm
Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm

The Roundhill Academy are part of Bradgate Education Partnership Trust.  The Trust can be contacted as follows:

Telephone:  0116 478 3426

​Email:  ​

Bradgate Education Partnership
Trust Offices
Wreake Valley Academy
Parkstone Road
​LE7 1LY


Enquiries  should come to

Enquiries will be directed accordingly, this is outlined below:

Enquiries regarding your child should be directed to child’s tutor in the first instance.  Further support can be requested where necessary,  by contacting the relevant Head of Year:

Year 7 – Tom Westwood –

Year 8 – Natasha Williams –

Year 9 – Karen Brook – 


Year 10 – Shannon Osborn –

Year 11 – Donna Anastassiades –

If your enquiry cannot be resolved by the Tutor and Head of Year please contact Matt Earl, Whole School Behaviour Lead if the issue relates to behaviour,
For all other issues please contact the Yas Naujeer, Deputy Head of School 
Other enquiries regarding students should be directed to Head of School, Stuart Hindes

Enquiries for the Chair of Governors should for directed to the Clerk to Governors, Rachael Boyall please email
Enquiries regarding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities should be directed to Sam Auger, SENDCo
Enquiries for the Headteacher, Tim Marston or general enquiries should be directed to Rachael Boyall

Paper copies of any of the information published on our website can be provided free of charge.
Please call 0116 269 3896 and one of our Reception staff will be happy to help you.

All enquiries should be addressed to your child’s tutor in the first instance.
We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours however realistically please allow 48 hours for a response.

Tim Marston        Headteacher               
Stuart Hindes       Head of School          
Yas Naujeer         Deputy Head of School

Charlie Hardy     Assistant Headteacher
Rachel Wright    Assistant Headteacher

Shannon Osborn Head of Year 10
Donna Anastassiades Head of Key Stage 4
Tom Westwood Head of Year 7
Natasha Williams Head of Year 8
Karen Brook Head of Year 9
Nikhil Somani Temporary Head of Maths – Yr 11 Tutor
Emma Toon Temporary Head of Maths – Yr 11 Tutor
Paul Meakin Deputy Head of Faculty ICT – KS3 Tutor
Mel Smith Maths Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Ryan Gamble Maths Teacher – Year 10 Tutor
Alan Buzza Maths Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Rajendra Kataria Maths Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Samantha Auger Head of Faculty English
Marie Bonsall Deputy Head of Faculty – KS3 Tutor
Hannah Pinkus Lead Teacher – Yr 10 Tutor
Leeann Rana English Teacher – Yr 10 Tutor
Lisa Darnbrough English Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Aanchal Phakey English Teacher – Yr 10 Tutor
Sian Orrell English Teacher – KS3 Tutor
John Lindley Head of Faculty Science / PE
Sarah Hopkinson Deputy Head of Faculty Science – KS3 Tutor
Glyn Devaney Deputy Head of Faculty PE – KS3 Tutor
Jennifer Cooper Science Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Dan Hargrave Science Teacher – Yr 11 Tutor
Bethany Davenport Science Teacher
Kathryn Oliver Science Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Laura Kyle Science Teacher & PD Coordinator
Adrian Pope PE Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Ruth Friswell PE Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Sonia Pope Head of Faculty Humanities
Lucy Sloneczny Deputy Head Faculty – Yr 11 Tutor
George Georgiou Deputy Head of Faculty – Yr 10 Tutor
Stacey Thornton Head of History – Yr 11 Tutor
Jessica Macmillan Humanities Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Emma Nelson Humanities Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Jo Chapman Head of Faculty The Arts
Dave Hill Deputy Head of Faculty – Yr 11 Tutor
Samantha Holme Deputy Head of Faculty – Yr 11 Tutor
Liz Coltman Drama Teacher / Transition Coordinator – KS3 Tutor
Meeta Mistry Textiles Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Gemma Sharpe Food Teacher – KS3 Tutor
Stuart Carroll D&T Teacher – Yr 10 Tutor
Helen Doherty Head Faculty MFL
Michelle Chapman MFL Teacher – KS3 Teacher
David Jones MFL Teacher – KS3 Teacher
Jeanette Knowles SENDCO
Sarah Halls-Dally SENDCO
Beverley Hardy Assistant SENDCO