Music at The Roundhill Academy is part of the Arts faculty. Together with art and drama we aim to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively whilst developing their musical knowledge, skills and understanding. The three main areas of study are composing, performing and listening/ appraisal. Through these main activities students are encouraged to explore their own potential, creativity and self-confidence.

The emphasis at The Roundhill Academy is on practical music making, providing students with a wide variety of instruments and the necessary space to create music in a positive supportive environment.

Along with the timetabled curriculum, students are encouraged to explore additional instrumental tuition through our many visiting tutors. Currently over 70 students are involved in extra lessons on a variety of instruments. In order to support students, the academy subsidises lessons for parents receiving benefits in an attempt to reduce the financial burden.

As well as formal tuition, students are encouraged to explore their interests and musical potential through open door drop in sessions that run at lunch times and afterschool. Students can work on their own, in groups or seek one to one support from the teaching staff. Various more formal extra-curricular opportunities are also offered to students who have particular strengths, interest or need.

Students in year 9 have the opportunity to choose music as an option subject. This gives students a taster of the GCSE course and encourages them to develop their Performing Creative and Listening skills required at Key Stage 4.

The department is well resourced, allowing students the chance to sing and play with a variety of stimuli.

Through key Stage 3 we study a variety of topics:

• Beat
• Rhythm
• Harmony
• Band Composition and Performance
• Film Music
• Song Writing
• Melody

This leads onto a GCSE music course. Currently the academy follows the demanding EDEXCEL syllabus. Students study composition in more detail and explore a large variety of different music to study and analyse.

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