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Here you’ll find information regarding the world of work and careers,

Promoting careers development is an essential part of our education at The Roundhill Academy. We ensure that lessons have careers information and that students have the understanding, skills and exposure to make the right career choices for them. This not only benefits the students wellbeing but raises their aspirations and ensures that when they leave us they are ready to contribute to the wider community, society and economy.

This page is constantly updated and reviewed annually. Our next review is Autumn 2023, please check back regularly for more information.

Head of Careers

Sian Orrell

Online sessions & guides

Amazing Apprenticeships hosting free sessions for Parents & Carers. If you’d like to find out more or book a session please click HERE

Interested in a career in the RAF?
The Royal Air Force are offering a free, virtual event taking place on 19 Oct 2022. For more information click here: RAF World Tickets, Wed 19 Oct 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

What is virtual work experience?


Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote or digital, provides young people with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles. More here

Open Evenings 2022

College Date Time
English Martyr’s 6th Form


Thursday 29th September 5pm – 6.45pm
Loughborough College Saturday 1st October

Saturday 5th November

Saturday 26th November

10am – 2pm
NWSLC – Wigston & Hinckley Campus Monday 3rd October

Mon 21st November

5pm – 8pm


Melton Vale Sixth Form College Monday 3rd October


5pm – 7.30pm
St Paul’s Sixth Form


Wednesday 5th October 4.30pm – 7pm
Leicester College

(all campuses)

Tues 11th October

Sat 26th November

4pm – 8pm

9am – 3pm

Brookvale Groby Learning Campus Thursday 13th October 5pm – 8pm
Bosworth Academy Thursday 27th October


5pm – 7.30pm
SMB College Group – Brooksby Campus Saturday 29th October 9am – 1.30pm


Beauchamp College Saturday 29th October 10am – 2pm


Beauchamp City 6th Form


Saturday 5th  November


10am – 2pm


WQE (both campuses) Saturday 5th November


10am – 4pm
Wigston College Weds 9th November 5.30pm – 8.00pm


Gateway College Saturday 12th November


10am – 1pm


SMB College Group – Stephenson Campus Saturday 12th November


10am – 2pm
SMB College Group –

Melton Campus

Saturday 19th November 10am – 2pm
Charnwood College


Weds 23rd November Times to be confirmed
College Date Time
Beauchamp City 6th Form


Saturday 5th  November


10am – 2pm


Beauchamp College Saturday 29th October


10am – 2pm
Bosworth Academy Thursday 27th October


5pm – 7.30pm
Brookvale Groby Learning Campus Thursday 13th October 5pm – 8pm
Charnwood College


Weds 23rd November Times to be confirmed
English Martyr’s 6th Form


Thursday 29th September 5pm – 6.45pm
Gateway College Saturday 12th November


10am – 1pm


Leicester College

(all campuses)

Tues 11th October

Sat 26th November

4pm – 8pm

10am – 2pm

Loughborough College Saturday 1st October

Saturday 5th November

Saturday 26th November

10am – 2pm
Melton Vale Sixth Form College Monday 3rd October


5pm – 7.30pm
NWSLC – Wigston Campus & Hinckley Campus Monday 3rd October

Mon 21st November

5pm – 8pm


SMB College Group –  Brooksby Campus Saturday 29th October 9am – 1.30pm


SMB College Group –

Melton Campus

Saturday 19th November 9am – 1.30pm
SMB College Group –

Stephenson College

Saturday 12th November


10am – 2pm
St Paul’s Sixth Form


Wednesday 5th October 4.30pm – 7pm
Wigston College Weds 9th November 5.30 pm – 8.00pm


WQE (both campuses) Saturday 13th November


10am – 4pm


Our school library has a dedicated area for Careers. There are prospectuses in there from every college in the area and many from universities from up and down the country. There is an apprenticeship guide and some books focusing on different careers and what a day in their life looks like.


Below we have a vast array of resources to help when making choices about the future.

These have been split into sections for students and staff

Here you’ll find a selection of resources to support you with embedding careers within the curriculum. For more support email:

What Are The Gatsby Benchmarks Powerpoint to highlight what each of the Gatsby Benchmarks are

Useful Contacts For Careers In Subjects

The Roundhill Academy Benchmarks TRA  How the TRA are meeting each of the desired benchmarks

PD And Careers Learning Journey UPDATED  Overview of PD & Careers linking from Year 7-11

Impact Of Careers Guidance On Wellbeing

Careers In The Curriculum What Works Well

Icould – Videos of people in different careers

Unifrog – Subjects guides for Curriculum Leaders

LLEP  – Informational resources for Educational Professionals

Resources to meet Gatsby Benchmark 4 

A5 WOW Flyer Final

WOW Letter Final


To ensure all young people who enter The Roundhill Academy are given sound careers and enterprise information, and advice and guidance to improve life and work chances.  The young people will be exposed to different sectors of education, occupations, career opportunities and labour market information.


To give Careers Education, Enterprise Information and Advice and Guidance to all young people at The Roundhill Academy from Year 7 through to Year 11.

Overriding Objectives

  • To provide a stable careers programme from Year 7 through to Year 11
  • To have access to Labour Market Information to inform their own decisions about their future pathway
  • To ensure the individual needs of each child are addressed through action plans
  • To make explicit within a curriculum area the skills and careers related to that subject
  • To provide encounters with employers and employees
  • To have at least one experience of a work place environment
  • To give personal guidance to each young person through an individual interview on at least one occasion
  • To ensure every young person leaving The Roundhill Academy gains a place in education and/or training

For further details about out Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) please see our CEAIG Strategy Plan by clicking below

Careers Leader

For further information about the Careers Programme at The Roundhill Academy contact Laura Kyle on 0116 269 3896 or

Careers Update – Year 10 Students (July 2020)

The DfE have released this video to help you and your son/daughter decide which route to take after Year 11.

We are encouraging Year 10 students and their Parents to watch the video, and discuss the options available so that students can feel a bit more confident about their choices next year. If you have any queries please get in touch with the Careers Lead, Laura Kyle by emailing:

Post 16 Destinations (Cohort 2019 – 2020):

Full time education – 90.73%

Full time employment, including apprenticeships – 5.96%

Part time learning or employment – 1.99%

Other – 1.32%

Local businesses and employers are regularly looking to recruit young people for apprenticeships.

For apprenticeship events, information and to book yourself onto any of the events can be found here –

Any adverts we receive about apprenticeship vacancies will be uploaded to this page.

Over 100 vacancies to interview for, you can view them at

Check out for information about apprenticeships

Volunteer Police Cadet Recruitment Pack

Volunteer Police Cadet Recruitment Presentation

Mercedes Apprenticeship Program Flyer

Caterpiller Desford Apprenticeship Opportunities

Rate my Apprenticeship – Up to date website offering role across the country in all sectors. Updated daily

At The Roundhill Academy we are keen to give our young people the opportunity to engage with employers and employees in a practical way.

If you are a business and can offer us any support by providing our young people with an insight into your industry please Email: with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • What you can offer. e.g. Careers Talk, Careers Workshop or Other Opportunities (Please specify)

Download Business Community Form here

Provider Access Policy

At The Roundhill Academy you can expect to receive the following:
Year 7
  • Introducing careers – what does it mean to me?
  • Identifying their dreams and goals and recognising that they may change over time
  • Identifying some of the skills that may benefit their future employment
  • Drawing on their setbacks and mistakes to make appropriate changes to plans
  • Explain the importance of responsible choices to enable moving towards their dreams and goals
  • Take part in a careers event linked to local employers
  • Take part in ‘Take your child to work day’

Year 8
  • Identifying some long-term goals and how to achieve them and how medium- and short-term goals can help
  • Identifying careers of interest, the skills they need to develop and how they can be linked to their goals
  • Understand the choices that they make now can affect their future
  • Money matters – Investigate how to manage your money in the world of work
  • Experience an Enterprise Day to set up their own mock company

Year 9
  • Identifying their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Produce a SMART plan and how to apply it to their life and learning
  • Undertake a 1:1 careers interview with an external Level 6 careers advisor
  • Experience contact with a number of employers by taking part in a Speed Networking Event

Year 10
  • Attend a taster day at a local college and sixth form
  • Prepare for and take part in a mock interview with an actual employer
  • Money matters – understanding budgeting
  • Undertake a week of work experience in an industry that they are interested in
  • Identifying goals that are realistic and unrealistic in the world of work

Year 11
  • Attend a careers fair to identify possible destinations
  • An introduction to applying for post 16 courses
  • Writing a perfect personal statement
  • Money matters – identifying financial goals and whether they are realistic in the short or longer term
  • Money matters – discussing budgeting and consequences of debt
  • Stating the skills and attributes that they hold or need to develop to achieve their financial goals
  • Identifying their dream job
  • Explain why their skill set may have to change as their careers develop
  • Identifying potential barriers to their dreams and goals and identify contingency plans

The Roundhill Academy welcomes feedback from parents, students, staff and employers. If you have any suggestions then please contact Laura Kyle (Careers Lead) on 0116 2693896 or

When we receive information about open days and other events we will update this page to support you in choosing your career pathway.

Year 10 Careers Letter

Year 7, 8 & 9 Careers Letter


Possible Pathways:

All young people in the UK must stay in some form of education or training until 18.  Post 16 options are that a young person must be in full-time education (e.g at a school or college), an apprenticeship, or part-time education training – as well as being employed, self-employed or volunteering for 20 hours or more a week.


Apprenticeships allow you to combine work and study by mixing on-the-job training with classroomlearning. You will be employed to do a job while studying for a formal qualification, usually for one day a week either at a college or a training centre. By the end of your apprenticeship you will hopefully have gained the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen career.

To find out about the different apprenticeships and post 16 options available and how to apply click here: or

Pre 16 University Guide

This is a booklet about university aimed at pre 16 students. This guide explains the keywords linked to university and other useful points.

Pre-16 University Guide


Find out about all the different types of apprenticeship available here and how to apply.

Parent Pack July 2021

Guide to apprenticeships (Learners)

How to write a winning application


NCS exists to engage, unite and empower young people, building their confidence so they can go out there and achieve their dreams, no matter where they’re from or what their background is. From the life skills they develop to the friends they make, our ambition is clear – we want to give teenagers an opportunity to unleash their potential, to build their self-belief and get them prepped for life after school.

NHS Jobs

Look here to find a huge amount of information regarding one of the largest employers in the UK, the NHS. The National Health Service offers a huge range of exciting and challenging opportunities for people who are passionate about making a difference. With more than 300 different careers on offer, there is a job for you no matter what your interests, skills or qualifications. – Explore the different roles. – Apply for an apprenticeship or job in the NHS



Find out about the wide variety of volunteering opportunities that are available today, there is bound to be something for everyone.



Need some ideas for the future? Some inspiration on what kind of career might be right for you? Just want to find out what’s out there? icould can help you discover what you could do and how you could get there.
National Bureau for Students with Disabilities
Have a look here if you are a disabled young person who wants information about the various options and choices in education, training, volunteering and work post sixteen.


Life Skills

Barclays Life Skills Website


T Levels

These are new vocational courses equivalent to 3 ‘A’ Levels. They contain a mixture of classroom learning, placement-based learning and examinations. More information about T Levels can be found here:

Both Leicester and Loughborough college offer a number of t-levels. Remember, T-Levels an alternative to a-level not a replacement. Universities and employers still recognise a-levels as the premier courses.

Future of Work Guide 2021

Mypath Careers

Stem Guides

Parent & Student Guides

We work with LLEP (Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership) and we are developing our links with the Enterprise Advisor Network to inform young people at The Roundhill Academy about the world of work and the local labour market.

Leicester and Leicestershire have strong national and global connections offering a variety of thriving industries in sectors such as advanced manufacturing and engineering, professional services, business and finance, food and drink manufacturing, creative industries and textiles.  It also has a thriving tourism and hospitality sector as well as a growing space industry.  Many large businesses have a base in the area such as IBM, Amazon, Next, Santander and 3M to name a few, generating fabulous career opportunities.
With approximately a 1 million population, Leicester and Leicestershire have an economy worth £23 billion, which is the largest in the East Midlands.  It has 17,430 skilled graduates entering into the workforce each year and with nearly 500,000 jobs and 42,000 registered businesses, this area is a great place to start and develop a career.
Click here to find out more information about the job sectors in Leicester and Leicestershire.

A guide to the local labour market –

Click Here to view

Enhance students’ knowledge about the local area and employment opportunites via this link:

LLEP World of Work Guide 2020


Job of the Week

Each week we will be featuring a Job of the Week, giving you an opportunity to learn a little more about the world of work

For all Jobs of the week videos please click here

Employability Skills

Interview support