Current whole school attendance


as of 29/04/21


Working together to improve our attendance
There are currently 190 school days in a year and we want to see every child at school every day because



If a student is absent from school please contact the relevant Head of Year on one of the following numbers


Year 7 Mr Westwood – 07598 558 629
Year 8 Mrs Brook – 07598 558 624
Year 9 Mrs Scharenheuvel – 07598 558 626


Year 10 Miss Osborn – 07935 013869
Year 11 Mrs Anastassiades – 07598 558 644

The Roundhill Academy prides itself on an excellent attendance rate and we take care to ensure that every absence is checked and verified. We undertake to follow up any unexplained absences as quickly as possible and the co-operation of parents is greatly appreciated, since these are regarded as truancy. It is vital that you contact the school to let us know the reason for absence. The percentage of unauthorised absence at our school is very low indeed and we work hard to maintain our excellent record, in partnership with our parents.

Parents are responsible in law for ensuring that their children attend school regularly. This means attending school punctually on every day during term time unless there is a good reason for absence such as illness. The school has adopted a policy of first day absence calling. This means that if your child has not been registered in the morning, your child’s Head of Year will send you a voice or text message via our Keep Kids Safe system. To find out the reason unless we have been previously notified. A child who has been absent from school must, on return, bring a note explaining the absence; this ensures that no student can be absent without the knowledge of parents. If a child is expected to be absent for more than three days, it would be helpful if parents would let us know rather than waiting for the child’s return to school. If absences remain unexplained the Educational Welfare Officer will inform parents each week by letter asking for reasons for absence. The Head of Year will inform parents by letter if a student has been late arriving to the school on more than four occasions, in any four week period.

Parents are asked not to send their children to School if they are feeling unwell in the morning; we have few facilities to deal with sick children in school. If a child falls ill or has an accident while at school we need to contact parents for the child to be collected or sent home, or in very rare circumstances, to be accompanied to hospital. It is vital for us to have an emergency contact number at which parents or another family member can be reached. Please inform us promptly of any change of telephone number or address.

Children are expected to take part in the Physical Education programme and a medical certificate should be sent to school if this is not possible

As you are aware, one of our priorities is to improve our school attendance. Last year we achieved 94%. Our school target is 96%. Our Heads of Year along with The Local Authority are keeping a close eye on our school percentage rates of attendance and the pupils who are persistantly absent (below 92%) from school and/or those families who regularly take ‘term time’ holidays.
Where there are gaps in learning, outcomes are harder to achieve.

Attendance Percentages