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The Roundhill Academy

Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to The Roundhill Academy.

The Roundhill Academy is a unique school with a single minded commitment to serve every member of our community.

Our core purpose is to prepare our young people to enter the world as confident, well rounded and highly educated individuals. Our secondary school campus includes first class facilities as well as students being able to access our Enhanced Provision for young people with additional needs for Communication & Interaction, which is based at our sister school in Syston.  Many of our students go on to study at Bradgate Sixth Form which is also part of the Bradgate Education Partnership Trust.

The school is a vibrant place where pupils, staff and the wider community are able to flourish, regardless of their starting point or focus.

Outside of Covid19 restriction we welcome visitors to the school and whilst the staff and pupils work at a relentless pace, the classrooms are always open for people to see the school ‘in action’. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, please do get in touch if we can be of any further help or you would like to come and see us.

To visit or to come in for an informal chat, please contact the school office on 0116 2693896 or email office@roundhill.bepschools.org

Many thanks,
Tim Marston

Curriculum at The Roundhill Academy

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is broad, ambitious, and challenging, ensuring students acquire and master key knowledge and ideas that will allow them to be productive and creative and be fully prepared to enter Key Stage 4.  Subject Leaders have designed their curriculum in detail, focusing on the sequencing of learning, to ensure students accumulate a rich depth of the knowledge.  Subject Leaders have created a learning journey through Key Stage 3 and, based on their curriculum have identified descriptors that state what students in each year should know and be able to do at each stage of their learning.  Based on the level of recall and application of knowledge that students demonstrate they are classified as Novice, Capable or Expert in terms of their progress against the identified endpoints.  These descriptors allow teachers to have high quality conversations with students and parents/carers about progress and next steps in learning.  Just as importantly teachers can be more responsive in their planning of lessons to scaffold the learning of classes and individuals within lessons.

In tandem with these curriculum descriptors, we also have attitude to learning descriptors, which identify what a student is like as a learner.  It is imperative that students adopt positive learning habits so they can become more efficient, effective, and independent learners in preparation for the next Key Stage.

For each subject studied at Key Stage 3 you will be able to see the learning journey through the Key Stage, and the descriptors teachers will be judging students’ progress on.  The e mail address of the Subject Lead can be found in each subject area so please contact them if you would like further information about their curriculum, or guidance about how you can support your son/daughter.

Charlie Hardy

Assistant Head Key Stage 3

Our learning journeys and curriculum descriptors may change and evolve over time in response to the needs of our students and ever changing world we live in. If you would like to find out more about our curriculum and subjects offered here at The Roundhill Academy please click here