Personal Development

School intent for Personal Development

At The Roundhill Academy we intend to support the development of each student so they mature into responsible, thoughtful and caring young adults to take their place in local, national and international communities with confidence and an awareness of equality and diversity.

The intent of our Personal Development lessons at The Roundhill Academy

The starting point for deciding on the order we teach the topics within PD is down to what happens in the school year and therefore what students need in order to cope with these real-life situations.

At the beginning of the school year, they need to adjust to being back in school, possibly with new peers around them and need to re-establish their effective working relationships. Therefore, the Jigsaw Charter begins at the beginning of the school year.

In January, the new year brings a fresh start, so we look at the Dreams and Goals and how to set goals and achieve them. This is linked to then reflecting on how they can have agency in their community and the world.

The summer term brings transitions to new school/classes etc and with the summer holidays and down-time ahead, they need to know how to stay safe.

So, our starting point is always: what do young people need and when do they need it. Our personal development lessons then build from there.

Please contact Laura Kyle  (Head of Personal Development) Email: if you would like any more information about the Personal Development Curriculum.

Help for students

Students are encouraged to speak to their tutor, Head of Year, or any adult in School to help with their problems. Alternatively students can get in touch with the following professional organisations if they need help with anything:

Childline – Get help and advice about a wide range of issues, online, on the phone, anytime – 0800 11 11

Chat Health – Text based advice from your school nurse – 07520 615382. – Information and advice, and a way to speak with health professionals.

Talk to Frank – Provides invaluable information about drugs and drug abuse and provides contact for help if needed

Quit Ready – Provides support to quit smoking

Turning Point – Work with people who need our support with their drug and alcohol use, mental health, offending behaviour, unemployment issues and people with a learning disability.

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