Healthy Schools

School Canteen Menu

Main Meals

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Meal Fish Fingers


Beans / peas

Pasta Bolognaise / Pies Breakfast Brunch Roast Dinner



Chicken Nuggets



Beans / Peas

Vegetarian Option Quorn Nuggets Veg Lasagna / Macaroni Cheese Vegetarian Sausages Veg Pies / Cheesy Mash Quorn Nuggets
Dessert Pancakes / Waffles Hot Pudding


Hot Pudding


Hot Pudding



Meal Deal – 1 Course – £2.00

Meal Deal – 2 Courses – £2.45

No Meal Deals include a drink

Grab ‘n’ Go

MealHot Dogs Chips Beans GravyChicken WrapsMeat CurryPaninisBurgers Chicken Nuggets Chips Beans
Vegetarian optionQuorn DippersVeg PizzaVeg CurryVeg PaninisVeg Burgers
DessertHomemade CakeHomemade CakeHomemade CakeHomemade CakeHomemade Cake

Price List

Toast 25p
Tea / Coffee 75p
Hot Chocolate £1.00
Toast 25p
Tea Cake 50p
Crumpet 40p
Sausage Roll 90p
Cheese on Toast 55p
Cheese and Ham Muffin £1.20
Breakfast Pasty £1.10
Pizza Bagel 55p
Toasted Bagel 55p
Bacon Cob £1.15
Sausage Cob 95p
Waffle 50p
Pitta bread Pizza £1.10
Breakfast Wrap £1.15
Jacket Bar
Jacket Potato with butter £1.75
Jacket Potato with 1 filling £2.00
Jacket Potato with 2 fillings £2.20
Pasta Bar
Pasta with 1 topping £2.00
Pasta with 1 topping and cheese £2.20
Cold Deli
Sandwiches From £1.60
Wraps From £1.80
Baguettes From £2.00
Pasta pot £1.75
Sauce sachet 10p
Cheese 50p
Walkers Crisps 80p
Popchips 80p
Popcorn 80p
Cold Desserts 70p
Cakes / Traybakes 60p
Hot Pudding with Custard 90p
Hot Deli
Panini £1.85
Chicken Wrap £1.85
Hot Dog £1.00
Curry and Rice £2.00
Burger £1.60
Chips £1.10
Chip Cobs £1.10
Main Meal £2.00
Meal Deal £2.45
Small Slice of Pizza £1.00
Large Slice of Pizza £1.50
Simply Fruity 60p
Capri Sun 70p
Rubicon 90p
Strathmore Twist 500ml 95p
Strathmore Twist 330ml 60p
Strathmore Water 500ml 80p
Strathmore Water 330ml 60p
Yazoo 85p
Suso 95p
St Clements £1.00
OMJ 80p
Apple / Orange Juice Carton 55p
Strathmore Botanicals 95p
Slush Puppies 85p